Cochrane RCMP saw an increase in crime in 2022 as the pandemic waned.  

Staff Sergeant Chad Fournier says while the detachment continued work as normal providing quality policing during the pandemic, local crime did take a dip in numbers saying, “A lot of the numbers have come back to where they were from pre-COVID-19 rates. Everything is relatively returning to normal, so we saw an increase in crime in 2022 as opposed to 2020 and 2021.” 

While crime rates did see an increase in 2022, Fournier is quick to add that, “Cochrane is a very safe place to live.” Despite the rapid growth and being one of the fastest-growing communities in the country, Fournier says, “We have adapted our policing service to keep up with that trend.” 

One of the main contributing factors to crime in our town is the proximity to Calgary. Fournier says, “We still get lots of criminals that come from Calgary and into the town and we just have to remind residents to keep their doors locked in their houses and their vehicles and to call us if there is anything suspicious. People know their neighborhoods and we can't be everywhere all the time. So, if anything is out of place or anything that seems suspicious, always call the RCMP.” 

Considering the return to a somewhat normal year in 2022 what can be expected for Cochrane RCMP in 2023?  One big event that all the officers and staff are looking forward to is moving into the newly built detachment building. Fournier says, “The new detachment is slated to be open in June of 2023 and we are very much looking forward to the transition. Anyone who has ever been to the current Cochrane detachment knows that we are overcrowded and do not have space. The town of Cochrane has done a great job in the design and the near completion of it.” Fournier says that he has been in the building several times and they are now at the point of “ordering furniture and designing the interior and how we want to set things up once we get in there.”  

Cochrane’s growth is not expected to subside and so the RCMP detachment will need to grow as well with additional members and staff. The new building will be able to accommodate that growth. Fournier says, “People want to live here for obvious reasons and so getting members to want to come live in Cochrane, especially with the new building will be much easier.”  

Fournier says RCMP members will continue to be visible in the community in 2023 such as being in the schools for different programs and presentations addressing things like online safety and teaching about the danger of drugs.  

The detachment will continue its very popular Coffee With A Cop meetings which Fournier says, “We can connect with the community and answer questions that they might have regarding crime rates or trends or policing services as well. And we plan to be at as many public events as we can throughout 2023.” 

Staff Sergeant Chad Fournier would like to wish everyone a happy and safe New Year.