Not all heroes wear capes.

Rebel Comics in Cochrane is hoping to join the ranks of Spider-man, Batman and Wonder Woman by giving back to the community one book at a time.

Devin Petitclerc, of Rebel Comics, has been busy donating comic books to schools and families in need throughout the Cochrane area.

“We’re donating comics back to the community. We got lots of overstock books and I decided to give back.”

“We even gave a couple boxes to a jail.”

Along with clearing up space in his shop, he says he really just wanted to give back to the community he grew up in.

“I was like, well, why not give back to the town that supported me growing up, gave me such an awesome childhood and to help people out."

“It's tough times. People are desperate for stuff and kids need something to distract themselves from getting into trouble.”

fb raveA rave posted to Facebook, thanking Devin for the donated books.

When it comes to the books, Petitclerc says there is a little bit of everything to fit anyone's taste.

“We got a bunch of ones you've never even heard of before the 80s and 90s. I'm also giving away Justice League, Avengers, Bugs Bunny. It's all over the map pending on the age that's requesting them.”

Anyone looking for donated books is encouraged to call Rebel Comics at (403) 981-7715.