The Town of Cochrane is looking at re-writng the Cochrane Land Use Bylaw and one of the important changes proposed is removing the minimum parking requirements for Cochrane businesses. 

It is suggested that the removal of parking minimums would allow businesses and development to determine how much parking makes sense for individual business needs rather than relying on stringent parking rates written in the Land Use Bylaw. 

The change is a long term initiative to allow more flexibility for the changing landscaped of the town. There is a distinct possibility that the proposed change may be misconstrued by some. Joelle Annicchiarico, a Planner I with the town says, "There is a misconception that this change will result in existing parking stalls being taken away or that there will be an immediate decrease in the amount of parking available. And we're expecting everyone to walk everywhere now and that's not the case. It is a long term goal of moving towards more pedestrian oriented and sustainable development."

The town is looking for input from residents through an online survey that will be available until September 30.

Following the closure of the survey, the Land Use Bylaw Review Project Team will compile the feedback and use the information in writing the parking section for the Land Use Bylaw.

To access more information or to take the survey click here.