The summer of 2016 in Rocky View County is going to be a hot one according to Environment Canada.

The seasonal forecast was released on May 31, and is calling for a predominantly warmer than normal summer period.

Dan Kulak, Meteorologist with Environment Canada says, the team is pretty confident in their prediction.

"The confidence level is somewhere between 40-50% of being above normal," he says "Across the prairies the forecast is suggesting above normal temperatures."

He reminds everyone that does not mean it'll be scorching hot every day.

"It does not mean that you're going to be warmer than normal every day throughout the summer, just the average condition throughout that period is leaning towards warmer conditions."

He adds the El Nino that we all enjoyed throughout winter will be non existent come summer time, slightly reducing the ability for Environment Canada to make accurate seasonal predictions.

"The El Nino is basically disappearing in the late spring, early summer. That phenomenon is pretty much no longer a factor. When we lose these large global scale driving forces such as El Nino and La Nina, then the seasonal forecasts are a little bit more uncertain than when those phenomenon are actually present."

As for seasonal precipitation Kulak says there's not enough evidence to suggest which way it's going to go.