If you're going to get a coffee from Tim Hortons today, you may see a familiar uniform behind the counter.

June 1 marks Tim Hortons Camp Day in Canada, and Cochrane RCMP members are out helping at the store at 3-25 Quarry St W.

Cochrane RCMP Corporal Troy Savinkoff has been volunteering for Camp Day for three years. He says giving kids the opportunity to go to summer camps is a wonderful experience.

"I have three kids that go to camps," he says. "My kids love going to camps, what Tim Hortons does is pretty awesome"

Savinkoff adds while it's nice to help for the day, he'll stick to policing. Working at a Tim's is more difficult than you would think.

"It's great, I see these ladies every once and a while when we go for coffee, and its nice to work with them, and see how hard these ladies work. It's a lot of work serving at a Tim Hortons."

All proceeds from coffee sales today will be put towards sending low kids from low income families to company run summer camps.