With the arrival of more spring-like weather there is a bit of trepidation that Cochranites will want to congregate outside en mass.  Alberta Health Services has put restrictions in place to protect us from the pandemic and it is up to the Municipal Enforcement Department with the Town of Cochrane to see that we follow the rules. 

The good news, (in world filled with bad) is that Cochrane is doing a really good job in following the new rules. 

Sgt. Frank Borsos, Manager of Municipal Enforcement, says, "We tip our hat to the community itself. Of course we are seeing busier activities, because everyone is trying to do the same thing out for the walk or bike ride or the family is playing together. Certainly, we are following up with a concern if it is brought to our attention, but for the most part we are seeing really good compliance by our community."

In case you may have forgotten, the rules put forth by AHS is as follows:

A reminder of the rules that are expected to last through the summer:

  • no gathering of more than 15 people
  • people must maintain a distance of 2 metres from one another
  • gatherings must occur in a space that allows for the 2 meter distancing.