A provincial organization dedicated to providing Albertans with agriculture education farm safety programming is in the running for a Calgary Stampede Western Legacy Award.

Agriculture for Life is one of three finalists in the Sustained Contribution by a Group category along with Calgary Reads and Cornerstone Youth Centre.

The Stampede says through the group's engagement with more than 300 communities each year, they bridge rural and urban communities, build connections and trust, and educate people about the importance of Alberta’s agriculture industry.

Ag for Life CEO, Luree Williamson, says the awards are to recognize people's work preserving and promoting the core values of the Calgary Stampede.

"At Ag for Life, with the delivery of agriculture education and youth rural and farm safety, we were thrilled," she said. "Through the years, we've done some partnerships with the Calgary Stampede, so we were honoured to be one of the groups that was nominated."

Williamson says a lot of their work is done through collaborations.

"It's really a nomination that celebrates the entire industry because we don't do this work alone, we do it with all of our partners and our volunteers."

She says it's been a fun experience getting to know the other 11 finalists nominated in various categories through networking events, adding they were also treated to a custom Smithbilt hat.

The awards will be given out tonight at the Calgary Stampede grounds.