The AgCoalition will host three meetings across the proving this month to engage farmers, ranchers and their employees on farm and ranch safety-related subject matter. According to a news released put out by the coalition, the meetings are intended to gather input and strengthen the producer voice in preparation for the Government of Alberta’s consultation sessions.

The AgCoalition’s producer representation, known as the Industry Leadership Advisory Committee will host the meetings. Committee representatives will invite producer peers and their employees to join them as meeting participants. Agriculture groups external to the AgCoalition will also be invited to send farmer and rancher representatives to further broaden consultation.

“This legislation will have its greatest effect on farmers, ranchers and their employees,” said Page Stuart, AgCoalition Co-Chair. “Our intent is to ensure that this community has an opportunity to be part of the process and support our industry’s representation at the consultation tables.”

Input garnered from the meetings will be sent to members of the AgCoaition who are also participating in the government consultation sessions.

“We look forward to working together as a sector to develop key positions to ensure our consultation nominees are fully equipped to represent their industry,” said Kent Erickson, AgCoalition Co-Chair.

Meetings will take place in Lethbridge on June 22nd, Leduc on June 27th and Grande Prairie on June 30th. An independent third party will facilitate the meetings. The AgCoalition will compile the producer input to develop briefing notes for producer nominees at the Governments consultation sessions.