Believing there is a need for a Green New Deal, Aidan Blum is running for the Green Party in the Banff-Airdrie constituency.

To create a fair and just future that is sustainable and healthy for all, the Canmore resident believes we require ambitious change.

"The transition to a green future will need valuable insight and participation from workers and community leaders of all stripes, and no one can be left behind if we are to be successful," writes Blum. "Indigenous voices will be heard. Young voices will be heard. Veterans will be heard. Seniors will be heard. All working people will be heard."

He says people deserve better MPs, better representation, and he wants to deliver for those people.

Blum is a born and raised Albertan with family ties in the oil and gas sector, agricultural sector, and service industry.

"It's time to collaborate, and take care of our democracy, our planet, our most vulnerable, and one another."