The Town of Cochrane has implemented a Fire Advisory.

"With the current dry uncured grasses and the anticipated weather conditions, this advisory represents a moderate fire risk and will remain in effect as long as conditions remain." Stated the town. 

Cochrane Fire Services cautions residents that a stricter fire ban could be on the horizon, or there might be a short-term threat such as a significant wind event that could heighten the fire risk.

While open fires are permitted during a fire advisory, residents are urged to exercise heightened caution. Residents are being advised to saturate the area surrounding a fire pit with water as a precautionary measure.

The permitted usage during the Fire Advisory for Cochrane residents includes:

  • Internal household fireplaces 
  • Solid fuel barbecues (charcoal briquettes) 
  • Liquid fuel barbecues/camp stoves (propane and natural gas) 
  • Wood pellet grills 
  • Fires contained within approved facilities and appliances in designated camping and recreational areas. 
  • Backyard fire pits (wood/propane/natural gas) 
  • Chimeneas or built-in fireplaces on residential homes 

For further information, you're encouraged to contact Cochrane Fire Services at 403-851-2540. 

For details on specific fire restrictions during an advisory visit or

Earlier today, Rocky View County issued a county-wide Fire Advisory as well.