That’s a wrap for season two of the multiple award-winning web series, Abracadvers.

Many Cochranites may recognize the Albertan-shot series as season one was filmed not only in Cochrane but also in Calgary, Red Deer, Drumheller, Stettler, Nanton, Water Valley, and Salmon Arm.

Abracadavers is a dark comedy that follows the story of Chris (Griffin Cork), who’s Mom passed away in a hair salon chair accident. Since the incident, Chis has been attached to that exact chair. When Chris teams up with his friends Gabriel (Jordan Wright), Maria (Courtney Tromburg), Allie (Emma Houghton), and Paul (Franco Correa) for a road trip, it’s revealed that the very same chair gives those close to it supernatural powers.

Griffin Cork, Producer, and actor of the series says that the story continues to ramp up in season two. "We join up with a whole bunch of other people who have also developed abilities and go to almost a training camp and we're like a summer camp very much like the X-Men home for mutants.”

filmingBehind the scenes filming of season two of  Abracadvers. (Photos credit Rachael Haugan)

Abracadavers is the product of Alberta-based company Numera Films. For season two, the production was one of 18 to secure funding from the Canadian Media Fund (CMF) Digital Linear Series Program. The only Albertan production of the 18 chosen.

“We applied for the digital linear series grant with the Canadian Media Fund, which for those who don't know, The Canadian Media Fund and Telefilm Canada is the largest government film funding. It was very cool to be working with an organization of this magnitude and to have someone else be like, yeah, your work has merit.”

Cochrane’s own Reamonn Joshee, actor and one of the directors of season two says they are working hard to help turn Alberta into a filming hotspot. "Albertan artists, everything we do, we got to go above and beyond. I want nothing more than Alberta to just be like another Vancouver or Toronto where it's just normal for films to be here. So I think we went above and beyond but we always go above and beyond whether it's a small budget thing or whether we have tons of support.”

 “Most Albertan artists, they're super passionate about what they do. They know that tomorrow might not bring what we have today, so we got to have to go all out every time, no matter the situation.”

Production for season two began in late July and continued until late August. The majority of principal photography took place in Calgary and Longview.

“It wasn’t up to me to move locations out of Cochrane” laughs Cork.

Season two of Abracadavers plans to launch in 2022. To catch up with season one and keep up with everything Abracadavers, go here.