The announcement was made Monday during the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commissions AGM in Saskatoon.

Harvey Brooks, General Manager of Sask Wheat and President of the C-W-R-C says the funding will go towards the development of spring wheat cultivars.

“Its $9.6 million, it'll go to the core activities of weed research at the Crop Development Center over the next five years, towards the development of spring wheat varieties. Essentially Canadian Western Red Spring, Canadian Amber Durum, and CPS class of wheat. Now it will be involved in funding all technicians, pathologists contra season nurseries, disease research, molecular marker research and all other activities that are core to a varietal development program.”

The agreement is funded proportionally by province and adjusted annually, based on the previous year’s production, with 53% coming from Saskatchewan, 32% coming from Alberta and 15% from Manitoba for the 2018-19 production year.

The Canadian Wheat Research Coalition represents the Sask Wheat, the Alberta Wheat Commission and the Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association.

Brooks expects additional agreements to be signed with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and other public breeding institutions.