The Province has updated its daily health checklists for both adults and children under 18.

Now that in-person learning is back in session, students across the province are required to refer to the updated checklist each morning, to determine whether or not it's safe to attend school. All school boards across the province including Rocky View Schools also require staff and visitors to complete the daily checklist and self-monitor for COVID symptoms before entering any of their facilities.

Similar to the old checklist, the updated one consists of a series of health screening questions, but now there are different courses of action. The older version prompted individuals to stay home if they answered YES to any of the questions. Now, the revised checklist outlines the required action for people who are fully immunized and a different path for people who aren't.

The changes to daily screening are a reflection of the province's adjusted isolation requirements for both adults and kids who are fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated or not vaccinated at all.

Rocky View Schools is reiterating the importance of completing the daily checklist, staying home when sick and accessing the appropriate testing if symptoms develop.