With the return to school for Alberta children, the Cremona Municipal Library would like patrons to know that they are available to help with their child’s learning.

The Cremona Library, which is part of the Parkland System, can provide access to the Solaro online study tool program which is designed to help Alberta students from grades 3-12.

Rebecca Smith, Manager of the Cremona Municipal Library says, “All a person needs is the library card and their password and it’s just an extra study aide for kids and students.”

Smith says the Solaro program utilizes the Alberta Curriculum for math, language arts, and science.

A student can log in to the online site and choose what courses they want to review. There will be a write-up and there will be some quizzes that they can do as well. Parents can monitor how a child is doing with results going to the parents once it is set up. Students can even create flashcards and print them off to help them study.

Smith reminds patrons, “Our library membership is free, you just need your computer or any type of device that can get you onto the internet and your library membership.”

For those that don’t have a computer, the Cremona Municipal Library can help there as well as they have two terminals that are available for use at the library. For more information, click HERE.

The Cochrane Public Library, which is part of the Marigold system also provides the Solaro program to students.