It is Emergency Preparedness Week until May 7 and the adage, “better safe than sorry” rings true. 

You never know when an emergency situation may unfold, and it is important to be prepared for such an occasion in the hope that it never happens.  

Cochrane Fire Inspector Jeff Avery says the primary things that should be in your emergency preparedness kit are:  

  • Water, as much as one gallon per person per day  

  • Nonperishable food including granola bars canned goods  

  • Flashlight with batteries and extra batteries 

  • A battery-operated radio 

  • First aid kit 

  • Cash 

Avery says the cash part is important since we all rely on debit and credit cards now and if the power goes down there is no way to buy necessities using cards.  

Finally, Avery says, “Practice your emergency escape plan. Always have two ways out of your house and know where you’re going. Know where your muster point is, where you’re meeting up with your family because it’s easy to get separated when disaster does strike.” 

As an added incentive for procrastinators to get you working on your emergency escape plan, Avery says Cochrane Fire Services will be holding a contest until the end of the month. Residents are encouraged to drop off their emergency escape plan at the fire hall and a draw will be made for dinner and a movie for the family.