Local MP Blake Richards says the inflationary spending in this week's federal budget is going to cost the average Canadian family $2,400.

He says life has never been more unaffordable than it is today. He says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to insist he's working for the middle class but that it remains a distant dream for many.

"In nine years, this guy has put on more debt than every single prime minister combined previously. So, in other words, far more than double our national debt," says Richards, who is also the Veterans Affairs shadow minister for the Conservatives.

"Even if you take out the money spent during Covid, he still has more than doubled the national debt." 

Richard says the budget doubles down with reckless inflationary spending of $535 billion, a $40 billion deficit, only further fuelling a national debt that is approaching $1.3 trillion.

"I don't know if you should laugh or cry at that situation," he says. "I suppose you'd laugh, except for how much pain its causing not only in our community but all across Canada."

The Conservatives wants to axe the tax on food producers by passing Bill C-234 in its original form. The bill calls for providing farmers an exemption on carbon tax on natural gas and propane for essential activities such as irrigation, grain drying, feed preparation, heating or cooling of barns and other agricultural growing structures.

It wants more homes built, not more bureaucracy, by requiring cities to permit the building of 15 per cent more homes annually as a condition of receiving federal infrastructure money.

The Conservatives continues to press for the need to cap spending with a dollar-for-dollar rule, believing it will bring down interest rates and inflation. It requires the government to find a dollar in savings for every new dollar it spends.

He says Trudeau refuses to listen.

"Common-sense Conservatives will not agree to support his inflationary budget and will vote non-confidence in his government."

He believes the NDP should grow a backbone and do the same.