Bearspaw First Nation Chief Darcy Dixon has spoken out further against the Sovereignty in a United Canada Act that received royal assent from Alberta Lt.-Governor Salma Lakhani on Dec. 15.

He says they will defend themselves accordingly in the name of Nation members, past and present.

In separate letters addressed to King Charles III, Lt.-Gov. Lakhani and Premier Danielle Smith, Chief Dixon called it a direct violation of the treaty and constitutionally-protected rights of Indigenous people.

"As premier of Alberta, you never consulted with," states the letter to Smith. "In fact, you made a unilateral decision not to consult with us in relation to arguably the most important and impactful legislation in the history of Alberta. This was done notwithstanding the clear decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada on the positive and mandatory duty to consult with Indigenous people."

In his Dec. 16 letter, he asked for withdrawal of the act before it received royal assent, but it had already been received the day before. The fall session ended seven days earlier than scheduled.

"We are willing to meet and discuss with you and your officials to find a better path and process for such initiatives as this legislation," it continues. "We will be looking for process that will respect the rights of First Nations and acknowledges our distinctive and important status within the constitutional framework of Canada."

In mid-November Chief Dixon was one of dozens of Alberta’s treaty chiefs that condemned the provincial government’s proposed sovereignty act in mid-November.

“It is nothing but a dangerous and damaging plan to undermine democracy and abandon the rule of law,” said Dixon during a Nov. 15 press conference attended by dozens of chiefs from Treaties 6, 7, and 8 on the proposed legislation.