For the third time, P3 Sports is working in partnership with Stars Oversea to bring emerging European hockey players, predominantly from Czechia to Cochrane this summer.

P3 Sports president Ryan Hilderman says there will be up to 75 youth, ages 11 to 17 training out of the SLS Centre from June 18 and July 18. Currently they require about 45 billets.

Hilderman says it's a rewarding experience and has resulted in many lasting friendships.

"Most families still keep in touch with their billet kids and their families. Speaking from personal experience, our billet kids are actually coming back for third year and we're excited to have them and they're excited to come back.

"It's just a just a great opportunity for us as hosts to know a little bit more about another culture and have our kids get to the experience of seeing there is another other side of the world other than ours. It's definitely a blast."

Billet families receive $225 per week per athlete. All events are at the SLS Centre on weekdays and the odd weekend. 

"They're free to join your family on whatever excursions that you want to do," he says. "They're here to obviously train for hockey, but also to experience the culture and the activities that families do around the mountains."

Those interested in participating can find the sign-up form here.

Prior to establishing the relationship in 2022, the players were training in Calgary, but found P3 Sports and Cochrane to be a better fit. That first year, about 50 players converged upon Cochrane.

For the second time, P3 Sports is taking both a U13 and U15 team to Eastern Europe for two weeks this spring. Hilderman says they'll be playing games and practising in four different countries and will be catching some of the action at the IIHF World Hockey Championship in Prague.