With frigid temperatures in the forecast, parents and guardians should be aware of various protocols for inclement weather. The Boys and Girls Club of Cochrane and Area take their cue from Rocky View Schools and if the schools are closed so is the club.

Maureen Topp, Manager of Licensed Programs at BGCCA says:

"If schools remain open but the weather is frigid, " We also adjust our transport plans during extremely cold weather. Children who are picked up from Glenbow school, for example, are normally walked to our program, in the case of extreme cold our Glenbow KinderCare welcomes the older kids Inside while our club bus drivers do their regular pickups from other schools, drop them to the main site and then work together to collect the children from Glenbow so they don’t have to walk. On those days it’s all hands on deck, our admin team, and staff from other programs always step up and into the program to assist. Our crew is amazing at being prepared and responding as needed based on weather patterns."

BGCCA Snow Day/Inclement Weather

On days that the Rocky View School District declares a school closure due to inclement weather, BGCCA will coincide and will not be open for programming. This is to ensure the safety of our families as well as our staff during periods of inclement weather patterns.

The OSC Program will operate when schools are open but busses are cancelled due to inclement weather conditions, however, bus services will not be provided so it is a parent/guardian responsibility to transport children to and from schools serviced by our BGCCA busses. BGCCA will remain open from 7 AM until 6 PM primarily from the Glenbow portable location (65 Glenpatrick Dr.). However, care will be dependent on the ability of staff to arrive safely at work to enable BGCCA to maintain appropriate ratios.

Families whose children attend before & after school schedules (not kinder care) will be charged a $30 fee when a child attends the club due to inclement weather. This fee enables BGCCA to cover the cost of additional staff and BGCCA program resources due to longer than usual operation.

Updates on inclement weather school closure days will be sent via email due to potential changes to program operation site, and ensuring staff availabilityThese updates will also be posted on our social media pages.