For residents of Bragg Creek, staying connected virtually has been an ongoing issue.

The outlying residential areas, in particular, are known to have a weak internet connection, which poses a great deal of difficulty during a global pandemic.

With more people working remotely and attending virtual classrooms the Bragg Creek Community Association is offering internet workspaces to keep the community connected.

Christine Pollard is the Program and Events Manager at the community centre and she says that the internet service is much more reliable in the hamlet.

"Since we were able to open again for virtual meetings on March 8  with some of the easements, we have partnered with a new ISP [internet service provider] here in Bragg Creek," says Pollard. "So anybody that is experiencing any issues at home, working or schooling are able to come to the community centre and work from here."

Pollard says that they currently house 12 individual pods for anyone needing a more reliable connection to utilize. She says that residents can book the service on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.

"We do charge. There is a fee- daily, weekly or monthly for a spot," says Pollard. "Twenty-five for the day, $75 for the week and $250 for the month."

They also offer a discounted rate for students of just $5 a day.

Pollard encourages Bragg Creek residents to call ahead and book a time-slot to utilize the internet workspaces.

"We're open Monday to Friday nine to five," says Pollard. "We do absolutely encourage people to call ahead to make sure that there's space. Also following all the COVID measures we need to make sure that everything is sanitized."


For more information on the Bragg Creek, Community Centre and how to book an internet workspace, you can click here.