Bragg Creek resident Brent Moore wants to bring his experience in business and governance and act reasonably for the residents of Division One of Rocky View County (RVC).

"I think the opportunity to represent Division One as a councillor aligns nicely with my experience in business and governance and my natural motivation to elevate and protect the community where I work and call home."

Moore brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience that started with being raised on a family farm near Grande Prairie, where they grew grain and went on to raise bison. He and a partner established a successful restaurant at age 24 before he went on to create a publically traded technology company.

Moore and his wife moved to Bragg Creek in 2015, and he recently established the Rocky Mountain Bison Company.

The new Division One encompasses the Bragg Creek/Jumping Pound area and Elbow Valley and has almost 6,800 residents. 

"Act Reasonably" is his campaign slogan.

"Acting reasonably is a legal term which ultimately says what a normal person would consider reasonable. It's incredibly ambiguous, but I think all too often there's not enough of a default in elected officials to be grounded by that principle of acting reasonably."

He says there's widespread concern over infighting within the county council.

"There's bad noise coming out of that world, and folks would really like to see some change there. Not to point fingers, I certainly wasn't there to understand the nuances that went on, but that is top of mind for residents in Division One."

He believes by combining fiduciary duty and acting reasonably much can be accomplished for county residents.

"It's compelling for voters that may be frustrated with dysfunctionality in the political world and at council. When you talk about issues of development, preservation, or safety, all of those can be better achieved when you focus on your fiduciary duty and acting reasonably."

Among the issues of concern to residents is the authority given to the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board for development in Rocky View County.

"It creates some pretty significant issues, and a lot of folks would like to see it overhauled, eradicated, or other things."

He says there is growing concern over wildfire safety.

"Certainly with the hot summer, there's increased awareness of fire safety and secondary access in Bragg Creek."

He says residents closer to Calgary are frustrated by the City of Calgary's decision to close 101 St. to Elbow Valley residents. There is also concern with noise pollution from traffic.

Moore has been focusing on the area of the division closer to Calgary and is working his way towards his home in Bragg Creek.

"I'm certainly getting many phone calls, emails are coming in, and I'm doing my very best to be responsive. I'm learning a lot and I can certainly say there are an awful lot of nice and talented people in Division One."

On Oct. 14, Division One residents will be able to meet their two candidates at the Bragg Creek Community Centre. It's an in-person event that will also be streamed.

Moore is running against Kevin Hanson, who was the councillor in the former Division 3.