"2021 Bouncing Forward into Well-being" is the message you'll find on the bright green stress balls being distributed throughout the month to promote good mental health.

Cochrane Family and Community Support Services and the town's social recovery task force had the balls especially prepared for what will be a month-long campaign to encourage dialogue on mental health.

While May 3 to 9 is National Mental Health Week, here in Cochrane it will run throughout May to encourage dialogue.

"We were really anxious to get the word out about Mental Health Awareness Week and to get people looking after each other, looking out for each other, and we were looking for a fun way to talk about mental health. So the balls just seemed to be a good addition to the work we've been doing," explains Town Councillor Susan Flowers, who is also a member of the social recovery task force.

The words etched on the ball key in on the message in last night's live-streamed presentation of David Irvine.

"We had that message put on the balls, and it will be there to remind people throughout the rest of the pandemic. They say it's going to pass, we are going to get better, things are going to clear up, and we're going to be healthy."

The squeezable balls are a vibrant green for good reason.

"It's a healthy colour," says Flowers. "It reminds you of spring and all of the good things that are to come."

They'll be given out by several of the agencies involved with the social recovery task force. As well, they are available at the Cochrane FCSS office, 209 2nd Ave. W.