Burnswest Properties is determined to locate a hotel in its Greystone development.

A land zoning change has seen three acres of land become commercial that was previously designated special industrial.

When pressed by Councillor Alex Reed about a hotel, Hagen reiterated more forcefully what he had mentioned at a previous public hearing. 

"We have had several investors and business people looking to acquire this property for something other than that and the Burns family and myself have said no," said Josh Hagen, vice-president of Burnswest Development. "We really feel a hotel, especially across the street from this rec centre, is an important piece not only to our development but for the community of Cochrane and the region, so this will be preserved for a hotel site."

This statement has been greeted wholeheartedly by Mayor Jeff Genung.

"I was pleased to hear that because it's something we talked about at strategic priority setting and planning sessions about trying to attract specifically a hotel to our community."

He says when fire destroyed the Ramada it limited the town's capacity to accommodate visitors. Many additional people are forced to stay in Calgary.

He says companies, like Garmin, have been reaching out expressing the need for more hotel space.

"It's good to see Greystone wanting to fill that void, and I'm hopeful that Ramada will come out of the ashes literally and rebuild so we can start to have that function in our community again."

He says the location by the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre makes perfect sense because of the number of tournaments, meets and special events it hosts.

The statement follows on the steps of Hagen stating they were in the final stages of reaching an agreement that would bring a major grocer to Greystone. More details are expected to be released soon.

Establishing a playground in the early stages of residential development in Greystone falls in line with what town council has been discussing during its strategic sessions.

At one point, playground developments had lagged in new residential areas.

"These are leftover conversations we were having in our strategic sessions about what it is we can do to influence some of the neighborhoods that are coming onstream to bring some of the amenities on earlier in the process, so we're not stuck with a neighbourhood without a park, pathway or future amenities that are promised that are there sooner than later. It's good to hear that dialogue."

Earlier this week, town council approved what was termed minor changes to the Greystone Area C Neighbourhood Plan. Changes were made to the location of single and semi-detached housing within the first phase of residential development.

A recalculation of the entire development increased the density to 21.3 units per hectare from 20.

The phasing sequence was also adjusted, and detailed engineering work concluded a widening of River Ave. wouldn't be required. There was also an adjustment to a pathway connector.

Zoning changeThe zone change proposed by Burnswest Properties was approved by town council on Apr. 25.