In an update on Monday late morning, the Calgary Catholic School District (CSSD) announced that it would not be proceeding with a proposed late entry project for the 2024/2025 school year.

The announcement was posted to CSSD's website and comes only days after they announced that they would be pushing ahead with the pilot project next year. 

"[The] Board of Trustees and administration thank you for sharing your feedback in the CCSD 2024-2025 Late Entry Pilot ThoughtExchange. We have overwhelmingly heard from our parents/guardians and staff, and we are listening... As such, CCSD will not proceed with the proposed late entry pilot project."

Last week, on Friday, December 1, CSSD announced that they would be moving forward with a pilot project in which students in all its schools would start their days later. 

The shift in schedules was meant to address the increased demands and stresses that they are seeing, as well as a greater number of teachers leaving the profession.

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