On Apr. 2nd door hangers will be sent out with a unique code and a QR on them that you can use to fill out your census survey.

Brett Hawkin, manager of Legislative Services said population numbers can help the town receive grants along with many other important factors.

"It allows us to create efficient and accurate data collection, so we use that data to then build or help plan build future social and infrastructure projects. For example where a school site would go or how we would build a transit route. It allows us to better meet the needs of individual communities, because if we learn that certain areas of the community now have more people in it than we thought, then we'll need to make sure that services are maintained in that area and the services can be tailored to that based on the population."

"It helps emergency services. So for example when Cochrane Fire Services has to go into a community and if say they had to evacuate area because of either a fire or an emergency, they have a better data on how many people they should be evacuating."

Hawkin said it helps them keep their books in order as well.

"It helps us clean up our internal systems better. So this is for accounting taxes, our GIS system, which is our mapping system. This data helps for accuracy and it also can be transferred over to the 911 service and all the other outside emergency providers."

The best part about the census is it only has two questions and should take under a minute to fill out.

Those two questions are "How many people live in your household" and "How many are under 18". 

The town is also holding a guessing game on what the population of Cochrane is now and the person closest to the actual number will receive a prize.