The Cochrane Cobras Junior Girls Volleyball team monopolized the courts November 18 and 19 at the South Central Zone Championships in Chestermere.

 The girls took home gold medals in the final match against Bow Valley High. 

Jantte Solecki, Cobras Junior Varsity Girl's Volleyball Coach, says everyone on the team got to play throughout the tournament so when the gold match came, they were primed.

"We have a lot of depth on our team. We have 13 players so all weekend everybody was played. Going into the final match everyone had lots of energy and they came out to win for sure."

On Friday, the Cobras played Canmore and Olds, then on Saturday they matched up against Springbank and Strathmore.

Solecki says her team didn't lose a set all tournament but what means the most is that the girls had fun.

"They dominated the match. I was very proud of them because they had such control throughout the match and composure. The biggest thing for me was they were enjoying it and they were having a bit of fun out there, which is a great way to end a season."

 The Cobras Senior Girls varsity team also played November 18 and 19. They lost in the semi finals versus Springbank and lost in the gold medal match against Bert Church.

In the end the senior girls came out 4 out of 12 teams in their zone.