Cochrane, Bragg Creek, and Cremona are among the communities added to the Alberta Government's temporary rent assistance benefit that's available for bachelor through four-bedroom rental properties.

The benefit provides a subsidy for low-income working households or those between jobs. Support is available for up to two years to help tenants afford their rent while they stabilize or improve their situation.

The benefit is provided on a first-come, first-served basis and is paid directly to eligible tenants. The benefit amount is determined by household size and location, and is a minimum of $100 per month.

Households may be eligible if they are below the local income thresholds, are currently employed or have been employed in the last 24 months, and are not receiving social assistance.

The thresholds vary from community to community. For Cochrane and Bragg Creek, the threshold incomes are $37,500 for a bachelor suite, $44,000 for a one-bedroom, $54,000 for a two-bedroom, $62,500 for a three-bedroom, and $76,000 for a four-bedroom.

Cremona has a much higher threshold and the benefit isn't available for bachelor suites. It's $73,000 for a one-bedroom, $84,500 for a two-bedroom, $103,500 for a three-bedroom and $111,000 for a four-bedroom.

Albertans can learn more or check if they qualify online at

Last Friday, Josephine Pon, Alberta Seniors and Housing minister, announced the expansion of the program from the initial seven major centres to over 80 communities. She it's a key component of Alberta's 10-year affordable housing strategy. The province's 2022 budget committed $7.2 million toward the program for 2022-23.

"By expanding the Temporary Rent Assistance Benefit to over 80 communities, more support is available to Albertans in need helping make life more affordable during inflation.”