Now that Halloween is over, many Cochranites are wondering what to do with their Jack-o'-lanterns.

Rather than tossing them into your green bin, Cleo Smeeton, director of the Cochrane Ecological Institute says they will happily take them. 

"We take in injured and orphaned wild animals. We rescue them, rehabilitate them and release them. So the pumpkins are perfect for feeding bison, moose, elk, and deer. They enjoy them."

She does say that the pumpkins cannot have any paint or glitter on them as that's not safe for the animals. 

"There's no food in the bush at the moment, there hasn't been, three years of drought has had a really bad effect on wildlife. So bears are going to come in because they have to put a third more body weight on. So it's better that the pumpkins come to us."   

The pumpkins can be dropped off daily between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the Happy Tails Pet Retreat which is on the same property as the wildlife reserve. Which is at 51061 Township Road 280

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