Residents in the Bragg Creek area are on high alert after six dogs were taken from their yards and killed over the last few months.

Fish and Wildlife officials have set up a trap in the Wintergreen area, four kilometres north of the hamlet, and have also placed caution tape nearby. 

Resident, Matt Bell says with each attack, the anxiety felt amongst neighbours grows. 

"The underlying concern with all of this is that where those dogs bodies were left, that's about 50 feet from where the kids wait for the bus in the morning, so it's very close to the road." 

Bragg Creek Wild A post made on the Bragg Creek Wild Facebook page on Oct. 25

One of Bell's neighbours witnessed a cougar attack her dog right in her yard. 

"We've got game cam footage of this animal walking right in front of it. I got it right on my phone, so we know there's definitely one."  


Bell says people in the neighbourhood know where they live and they all choose to live on the edge of wildnerness, but the fact that there has been multiple attacks is cause for concern. 

"There's definitely some concern in the neighbourhood that this thing is out. I think it's mostly that it's hanging around and that it's not as transient as what I think a lot of people think these animals are like." 

Some tips if you do encounter a cougar:

-Carry bear spray and be ready to utilize it in self-defense if a cougar approaches within 12 meters (equivalent to the length of a bus), approximately 40 feet.

-Maintain close supervision of children and refrain from allowing them to play unsupervised in the vicinity of forested areas, especially during dusk or dawn.

-Ensure that your dog is always on a leash while walking in cougar-prone areas.

-In the event that you spot a cougar in the distance, avoid running or turning your back.

-If the cougar seems unaware of your presence, gather your children and pets, and gradually and cautiously retreat from the area without making sudden movements.

-Should the cougar exhibit aggressive behavior, such as hissing, snarling, or intense tracking of your movements, refrain from running or playing dead. Instead, make yourself appear as large as possible and speak loudly.

-If the cougar makes physical contact, be prepared to fight back and use all available means to protect yourself.

-If you encounter a cougar or other wildlife that poses a potential public safety concern, please report the incident to the 24-hour Report A Poacher hotline at 1-800-642-3800.

More information can be found HERE.