A special ceremony took place over the weekend at the Cochrane Fire Department that will honour a local first responder who lost her life while on the job for years to come. 

The Marilyn Skene Memorial Room was officially dedicated as a space to remember her. 

Fire Chief Shawn Polley said Marilyn lost her life while on the job 34 years ago. 

"May 26, 1990 Marilyn and a group of Cochrane firefighters were on a diving course in Ghost Reservoir and unfortunately and tragically, she drowned at that event and it took a couple days before her body was recovered."

"Marilyn was a dispatcher and first responder with the Cochrane Fire Department of the day. She was also a civilian data typist with Calgary Police Service. So we felt it was important to try to recognize Marilyn's legacy through a lifelong legacy opportunity at the Protective Services Centre. So it's been in the works for a little while working with the family and the past Fire Chief Brian Winter, and we were successfully able to deliver the program."

The department dedicated a briefing room in Marilyn's honour. 

"We have a plaque, we have a sticker on the door and we have two artifacts. So one is a really nice memorial plaque that had been presented to the department by the previous fire chief back in the 1990s. And that was to recognize the contributions of the first responders that had originally attended."

Marilyn Skene Cochrane Fire Services held a special dedication ceremony on May 26. 

Polley said it's important to pay tribute. 

"It's nice to have that recognition and the family certainly appreciates that opportunity to have a space where they can come. So we're excited and really deeply honoured to be able to do this and show our respect for Marilyn and her family."

Marilyn's father as well as her husband Brian attended the event in addition to several other of her family members.