On Thursday May 19, Rocky View School Board released the new name for Cochrane's newest school.

The RVS Board voted that the school being built in the community of Fireside, will be known as 'Fireside School'. The board felt the name represented the warmth and welcoming spirit of the community.

A naming committee which consisted of two RVS trustees, the Cochrane Mayor, Area Director of the Schools Department, and two community parents, put forth two choices; Fireside School being their second choice.

First choice for the six person committee was "Lindsay Kimmett School'. Fiona Gilbert, Ward 5 RVS Trustee presented to the board why the committee chose Lindsay's name, and the impact Lindsay's memory has on many youth in the Town of Cochrane.

Lindsay Kimmett, was killed in a car accident in 2008. The 26 year old was Valedictorian of Cochrane High as well as received a posthumous Doctor of Medicine from the University of Calgary. Her short life exemplified the RVS 21st Century vision, Kimmett was a natural athlete and was engaged in her community both locally and globally.

The decision to pick Lindsay Kimmett School was supported by RVS Chair Colleen Munro as well as Gilbert, but three other trustees voted it down.

The reason to deny the request was shared by trustees Lang, Brand, and LaPeare. Concerns were raised about not memorializing other youth that have passed away, as well as not sticking to criteria of waiting 10 full years to name a school after someone who has passed.

Colleen Munro says although her vote was defeated this is why the board exists.

"That's the board decision making process, we are a board of seven (five on Thursday) that is the way school board's make a decision. We vote on things and we support that decision and it is done, and Fireside is still a great name."

Fireside School is set to open in fall of 2017.