It's a bird, it's a plane, it's 'Captain Clot Buster'.

Martin Parnell was rookie super hero, Captain Clot Buster, running his 337th marathon; Parnell says this was the first one he has ran after recovering from a brain clot.

"It was almost like the first one again, fifteen months after being diagnosed with a clot on the brain it was my first marathon race and it was amazing."

Parnell comments that although he experienced no real set backs, he jokingly says 42.2 km is still 42.2 km.

"It doesn't get any shorter the more you do. I just felt great, I managed to nail the hydration and nutrition part of it."

Parnell comments this race was not about being the fastest.

"It was in the middle. In the past, my fastest was 3:22 which was a qualification for Boston, 4:24 was just a really nice pace for me, and I felt good doing it."

Parnell credits his active lifestyle for his recovery.

"I was told by the specialists because I was relatively fit it got me through basically a life and death situation. That is something that I have learned from being active, it is the best life insurance you could have."

The 'Captain' is a busy guy.

"There is no rest for the Captain, I am just taking it easy these days. But the Captain, he's a busy guy, he just likes helping out. His motto is 'Keep Fit and Do Good' while he raises money for 'Right to Play'.

Captain Clot Buster will be running and making an appearance at June 4,5 Footstock race in Cochrane. Parnell will be participating in the 10 km run as well as MC'ing the children's triathlon.

Keep your eye on Parnell, he will be popping up in all sorts of places this year.