Cochrane's real estate market continues to be hot and many residents are choosing to sell their homes and live in their recreational vehicles permanently. People that are retired, travel frequently, or are looking to downsize, seem to be attracted to the idea of living out of their RV. Jacquie, RiversEdge campground's guest services manager, says this year has seen an up-tick in demand for long-term sites " we've had an influx of guests looking for a place to stay, they have sold their homes, they have no place to go while they are looking for a place to buy and they are deciding to live in their RV's in the interim. We are trying to balance with long-term guests and weekend campers so they can still come and enjoy the amenities."

Located on the Bow River, RiversEdge has 144 sites that all have a nice patch of grass and hedges for privacy. Most of their guests are longer-term stays and people who work in the area and make it their permanent home." We have a great demographic of campers who stay here long-term and it's a really nice community so we are trying to balance that so other people are able to come and camp through the summer." Jacquie thinks the dedication to outstanding customer service, safety, and site cleanliness keeps guests coming back " we like to beautify the property with flowers and just create an all-around great atmosphere for all our guests."

The campground expects to fill up their long-term sites quickly as Cochranites selling their homes look for options on a place to live.

Bow RiversEdge Campground was opened in 2005 as a non-profit initiative by forward-thinking leaders at the Cochrane Lions Club and Rotary Club of Cochrane