In the COVID-19 update for Wednesday, January 27, Dr. Hinshaw said we are making progress but the healthcare system in the province remains strained. 

"Thanks to the hard work and sacrifices of so many Albertans, we have seen hospitalizations decline significantly over the past few weeks. From the peak of 943 people in hospital on December 30th, we have declined to 604 today. From a high of 155 ICU admissions, we are now down to 110. This is encouraging news and a signal that we are making meaningful progress. Every one of us should take pride in this. However, it also means that there are just as many people in hospital today as there were on December 4, when our acute care system was struggling under the impact of COVID-19."

The updated numbers were as follows

  • There were 459 new cases reported after over 12,000 tests were performed for a positivity rate of 3.6%.
  • There are 604 people in the hospital with 110 in ICU.
  • Another 12 deaths were reported for a total of 1,599 in the province. 
  • 101,123 vaccine doses have been administered.
  • 11,000 Albertans have been fully vaccinated. 
  • There are 273 alerts in schools and 15 outbreaks that accounts for 12% of the schools in the province. There are 554 total cases in provincial schools.
  • Cochrane has dropped to 20 active cases.
  • Rocky View County has also dropped and has a total of 64 active cases. 

Dr. Hinshaw was asked for her opinion of some businesses choosing to open against health restrictions. She replied, "I recognize again, that these restrictions have been difficult for many business owners. Individuals who are choosing to move ahead in this way, I would say these actions could potentially put at risk the sacrifices we have made and the progress we have made."