Dr. Deena Hinshaw reported an additional 218 new cases on Friday, May 1. The total number of cases in Alberta is now at 5573 and of those, 2359 have recovered.

Sadly, there are 3 deaths to report bringing that grim total to 92. All three of the deaths were at continuing care facilities. Dr. Deena says, "We should never let these numbers to become just another statistic. This is a reminder of why we need to continue to be vigilant to protect this population. As of today, there are now 580 cases in outbreaks in continuing care facilities across the province."

Dr. Hinshaw reported a new outbreak of 5 cases at the Amazon facility in Balzac. AHS is currently working to contain the outbreak. 

Alberta's top doctor also announced the launch of a"critical tool that can supplement the critical detective work" being conducted in public health. "Alberta Trace Together " is a mobile app that will help trace the spread of COVID 19 and can be purchased through the app store. 

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