It's that time of year when hearing the high-pitched barks and yips from coyotes becomes increasingly common in Cochrane. 

"Have you noticed an increase in coyote sightings lately? Don't be alarmed! It's just that time of year again - coyote mating season is in full swing," says the Town of Cochrane in a post on social media.

Over the next few weeks, coyote couples will be out looking for a den and according to experts, they mate for life.

The town released some tips and tricks for pet owners to ensure they avoid a coyote run-in.

"Keep your distance: Coyotes may be out in groups searching for mates, so it's best to give them space."

"Leash up: Keep your dogs on a leash, especially during walks."

"Be aware: Coyotes might view large dogs as threats and smaller ones as prey. Stay vigilant!"

"Talk it out: Chat with your neighbours about ways to deter coyotes and reduce their attraction to the area."

If you do come into contact with a coyote, it's suggested to make yourself as big as possible and maintain eye contact with a booming voice.  Do not turn away or run, slowly back away to get to an area with buildings and other people.