Bev Jamieson has spent the last several years planting thousands of trees one by one by hand, and as a result, Mother Nature is smiling. 

He recently officially planted his 10,000th tree which Jamieson said means he currently has a negative carbon footprint. 

Jamieson said he worked in oil and gas and owned a business that recycled textiles, but once he sold that business he wanted to live off-grid. 

He decided to buy some property near Cremona. 

"I moved out into the wilderness, put up solar panels, and batteries, dug my own septic system and well. In buying the property, I was left with large chunks of land which traditionally was graze because it's a ranching area. Having an environmental background I noticed a lack of diversity, trees, and animals, so one of the first things I thought was I better start planting trees." 

He moved to his property approximately seven years ago and started planting trees right away. 

"It really comes down to the math of the trees, so as the tree grows it consumes carbon as it grows. I've lived a very minimalistic, environmentally conscious life so those things combine into a negative footprint overall."


Tree social post Jamieson made this online post after he planted his 10,000th tree

The environmental scientist owns approximately 160 acres northwest of Cremona. 

Bev Jamieson's seedlings

Jamieson said he purchased 80 per cent of his trees from nurseries in Alberta and he also plants some from seeds. 

He's working towards having a food forest network on his property where you can walk down the pathway and fill up your basket full of food. He also has beehives on his property.