The quick change to warmer temperatures means the snowpack across much of the mountains in western Canada is expected to destabilize. 

According to Avalanche Canada this could result in dangerous, destructive avalanches. 

The suddenness from cool, wintry weather in the mountains to spring and summer-like weather has created dangerous avalanche conditions. As a result, these avalanches will likely be very large and could run to the valley bottoms. 

"Dangerous avalanche conditions exist for all mountainous regions in western Canada and the hazard increases with each day of warm air. Regions with persistent or deep persistent slab avalanche problems will be especially problematic, with avalanches potentially involving the full depth of the snowpack. Warming can also initiate large and destructive cornice falls. Cornices can be destructive by themselves but also act as a trigger for destructive deep persistent avalanches." said Avalanche Canada in a statement posted to its website on Monday. 

Anyone using the backcountry, including hikers and anyone going into avalanche terrain is advised to leave a wide margin for error during this warming period. They're being asked to stick to simple, low angle terrain, and to avoid all overhead avalanche hazards. 

An avalanche struck Sunshine Village Ski Resort in Banff on Saturday. 

The Class 2 slide happened on Goat's Eye Mountain. Luckily no one was injured or buried. 

Unfortunately that was not the case the week before at Lake Louise Ski Resort.