In her daily address on Friday, April 24, Dr Deena Hinshaw recognized the fact that Albertan's are frustrated, and some even angry over the cancellation of summer events. She re-iterated that she does not take this decision lightly and emphasizes this is for the well being of everyone.. She cited several examples where the transmission of the virus had proven rapid in gatherings.

"We have had several incidents in the province of social gatherings where one person passed the virus on to many others at a single event before the individual knew they had COVID. The bonspiel in Alberta is one example of the 73 people who attended that event, 40 ended up with COVID 19. We have had other social events where over 80% of attendees were affected and the common theme in all of these is the source did not know that they had COVID or there was an environmental source with high touch surfaces."

Friday's  update saw 297 new cases for a total of 4017. Sadly, 5 more deaths have been reported bringing the total to 72. 1397 Albertan's have recovered.