Dr Deena Hinshaw said that on her drive to work on Thursday she observed preparations for business resumption. She warns, 'This relaunch will require patience from all of us and continued practice of public health measures." 

She said that the relaunch is a balancing act "of protecting the health of Albertan's from COVID 19 and the health of Albertan's from the impacts of a prolonged shutdown. If we move too far in either direction, neglecting the other, our outcomes will be worse. Our best path is seeking that balance and making adjustments along the way. 

Dr. Hinshaw says businesses that are reopening have to show they're prepared. "We are requiring anyone who is re-opening to identify what they are doing at their site to reduce the risk of transmission," she says. "Within seven days of opening businesses must fill out a short template that can be found online at the BizConnect site, and post it at their place of business or online. Places of worship and funeral services will be required to do the same."

She says it's to reassure customers and staff that each business is taking the appropriate actions to protect them.

In her COVID 19 numbers update Dr Hinshaw reported that there are 1131 active cases. The hospitalization numbers are trending downward with 65 cases (down from 70) in hospital and 10 (down from 11) in ICU. There were 50 new cases reported and 1 more death bringing that total to 121.