RCMP are reminding everyone to be aware of motorcycles on the road as the summer months approach.

Accidents involving motorcycles generally peak in July, in 2013 there were 42 fatalities from collisions involving motorcycles in Alberta, and 739 injuries.

RCMP Constable Jennifer Brewer says it's not only important for motorcyclists to stay out of blind spots, but also to make sure other vehicles are aware of your presence on the road.

“Be aware of drivers of other vehicles at intersections,” she says. “Making eye contact with those drivers of other vehicles, so you know they have seen you.”

Cst. Brewer adds if you are on a motorcycle, your speed can be misjudged.

"Keep that in mind when you are passing other vehicles, or if you see another vehicle passing. They are not going to know what your speed is, the size of the bike makes it look different."

She explains people don't always pay attention to where the motorbikes are so make sure you are defensive in your driving.

"Be aware of whats going on behind you so that you don't get rear ended, you don't have the cage around you like a car does. Don't show off, like your speed, and doing fancy tricks on the highway, its so easy just to lose control."

It's not just the motorcylists responsibility to be safe of the roads, other drivers must pay very close attention in the summer months as well.

"Be aware of your surroundings, definitely keep checking your mirrors, look twice for motorcycles in intersections. Don't underestimate their speed, it doesnt mean that they're always speeding, but because its a smaller vehicle it looks deceiving."