On June 12 Main Street will be transformed back to the 1900's for a promotional documentary about Cochrane.

The documentary will be created to show the world what Cochrane has to offer, it's culture and history.

Tim Davidson, documentary organizer, says he's been musing about the project for 25 years, it started when he moved to Florida in 1987, and watched the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.

"I guess the biggest thing that's impacted me is when I went into the bank after the Olympics in Florida, and the place was just buzzing," he says. "I went up to the teller and asked what in the world is going on? She says well everybody is just coming back from the party in Calgary, and changing their money back to American dollars. Right away, as a Calgarian, I'm thinking, so what party were they at? Ranchman's? But I realized later it was culture shock, they'd never seen western hospitality."

Davidson then realized most of the world is the same way.

"We are a very unique part of the world, most of the people here in the area don't realize what we have. If we made Cochrane like the 1900's, got this onto social media, the world would come to Cochrane. There's millions of tourists down Highway 1 yearly going to Banff, they don't know where Cochrane is, nobody's told them."

Davidson explains the documentary will be 8 minutes long, there will also be a one minute promo similar to Heritage Park's Escape Today campaign.

Getting the world to see the documentary sounds like a huge feat, but Davidson has a huge connection through social media. His cousin's son is Christian Collins, a Youtuber with a whopping 2 million subscribers.

The production team will be shooting on the evening of Sat. June 11, and on Sun. June 12 they will be shutting the street down. 

Davidson wants lots of people to come down and be a part of the filming.

"There will be horses, teepee villages, and petting zoos. I'm looking for lots of people to be on Main Street, and its going to be a part of the movie, because what I want to show what it could look like."