It’s Emergency Preparedness Week and Cochranites are urged to check potential risks within their community and proactively engage in emergency preparedness. 

Lasting until May 11, this week offers an opportunity for individuals to reflect on, acknowledge, and equip themselves for potential crises.

“We've seen our fair share of tragedies throughout the province,” says Cochrane RCMP Detachment Commander, Insp. Dave Brunner. “Wildfires, or tornadoes and in the far past, we had the big flood, but this is the chance for people to dive in and understand their risk and get prepared.”

“We need to be cognizant that even though we're getting lots of rain right now, come July or August, wildfire season could be in full swing. We had tornadoes up by Didsbury. This week is a chance to refresh everyone's memory and dig into that a little bit and make sure you're prepared.”

Tips for Cochrane families and individuals to be prepared for emergencies include: 

• Identify community risks: Knowing the specific hazards in your area is crucial for effective preparation.

• Make a plan: Spend just 20 minutes crafting an emergency strategy to boost readiness.

• Get an emergency kit: Equip yourself with essential supplies to last 72 hours—it could save lives.

For those in Cochrane interested in assembling an emergency kit, essentials include water, non-perishable food items, batteries, a portable radio, and a sufficient supply of prescription medications to last at least 72 hours.

Jay Judin, Director of Protective Services and Emergency Management for Cochrane, stresses the importance of proactive measures: "While natural disasters may be unavoidable, we can mitigate risks and minimize the impact of emergencies. Residents are encouraged to review and improve their personal or family emergency plans this week, taking tangible steps towards readiness. This proactive approach can safeguard individuals and their loved ones during crises." 

Cochranites looking to learn more about Emergency Preparedness Week can go HERE.