Robyn Ottolini has had a whirlwind of a year. 

The Uxbridge, Ontario native has seen her hit F-150 go to No. 4 on Spotify’s all-genre US Viral 50 chat and No.3 on Rolling Stone’s all-genre Trending 25.

It wasn't long after that the song made its way to Nashville and the singer/songwriter can now say she has more than 22 million streams already to her name. 

Ottolini says "2020 in February, I released The I'm Not Always Hilarious EP which featured F-150 on it, and I did it all independently. And it did amazingly, it was my best single that I've ever released was F-150, and I had no marketing budget or anything and then the world shut down and I was like, No, there goes all the shows to promote my song with. But then I just turned to social media and I was like I'm in it for the long haul. So let's do this thing."

"And they got picked up as a trend on TikTok so that's when people use your sounds, and kind of put it to their own videos. So there was like 40,000 shares of my song on the app, which skyrocketed, my stream, and then that's kind of what set off the alarms down in Nashville and that's how Warner found me."

She says she signed all the official paperwork at home, typical of everything else in 2020. 

"In the midst of the pandemic. So it was a COVID signing it was all over zoom, I still haven't met Warner Music Nashville in person yet, but I hope to, you know when the borders open up."

Right now the singer is busy writing and working on her next big project. 

"I am writing because an album will be on its way in the future. And I'm also just hanging out with radio folks this is my first, you know radio song."

When asked exactly what F-150 is about, Ottolini says it's based upon her ex boyfriend. 

"So I had an ex and he drove an F-150 and we're from this small town. So everybody in my small town drives an F-150 because I don't know why, I just think they all had a meeting one night and they're like this is the truck we're all gonna drive. So I was terrified because everywhere I go I see a F-150, and I was always scared that it was him, because you never know it could be, it could be him. So one day I just kind of pulled over on the side of the road and I said, when I see an F-150 in my little voice memo. And then I went home and I wrote it and then six months later we rewrote the last chord, because eventually I did move on. I did get strong. And, yeah, that's kind of how the song came to be."

So will Ottolini ever date a guy who drives an F-150 again?

"Maybe, I mean I'm currently dating a guy who drives a Ford Ranger. So, I'm in, I'm in the safe waters right now, still Ford but a different truck."

Ottolini has been to Alberta before, on a 4H exchange near Edmonton and was impressed. 

"It was really great and I was in the country too so it was all just straight roads and all flatland and, and it was beautiful. I love the people I love the nature. When you go into mountains and it's no longer flatland. It's cool."

She says she can't wait to travel and see more of our beautiful province.