Nearly nine-thousand dollars was raised at Cochrane's Biggest garage sale over the weekend. 

Organizer and realtor with the Leah Real Estate Group, Debbie Leah said there was a lineup of people waiting to get into the annual event on Saturday morning. 

"I would say there was probably about 50 people outside waiting and I felt kind of bad for them because it was chilly, but they were happy and eager with big smiles to come in and it was buzzing. They were so excited and people were taking out armfuls of stuff."

Donations of items for the sale were up at least 50 per cent this year compared to previous years.

An incredible $8,973.60 was raised at the one-day event and Leah said 100 per cent of that money is going to support local families living in abusive situations. 

"This is for the resource staff and of course just paying for the spaces that we use for Big Hill Haven. More programs, more services and so every dollar that goes into Big Hill Have will help the everyday lives of people."

Typically the sale raises anywhere between $3000 to $5000. 

This is without a doubt our most successful year yet, from the amount of amazing donations we received, to the line up of eager shoppers we had at 9 a.m., thank you for making this our most successful Garage Sale in 14 years!


"I said before, Cochrane never disappoints. When there's a rally call everybody always comes and they do it and they get it done."