Fun fact - I love professional wrestling. 

Wild Rose Wrestling is taking over the Cochrane Lions Event Centre tonight and promises high-flying family fun and I couldn’t be more excited.

We had the chance to speak to two performers before their big matches tonight, Mo Jabari aka Kid Chocolate and Mentallo  "The Zombie Killer". They say tonight is going to have a little bit of everything for Cochranites.

“You can expect the best wrestling in the country. You got the best wrestlers in the country. Pound for pound.”

“I would say good, hard-hitting family entertainment. You know, things that you can bring your family out to. The kids have a good time.”

Kid Chocolate currently holds the Mid-Heavyweight Championship and Mentallo had the Inter-Provincial belt around his waist. The two pros have been seen in rings around the world.

“I know that for myself personally, I went to Mexico to train,” says Mentallo. “There was lots of like running around the arena running up and down stairs, lots of squats, push-ups, sit-ups, all types of callisthenics. Just to be able to get into the ring before you start learning techniques and once you get into the ring now you have to learn how to protect yourself from, different falls and stuff like that.”

“Wrestling's not easy, you know?” says Kid Chocolate. “The old thing about wrestling's fake. I wish! If wrestling was fake, I'd wake up pretty good in the morning if that was the case. It's hard training. It takes months to train to be doing even a single match.”

Over the years, I have seen a few pro wrestling shows take place in Cochrane, including the Stampede Wrestling promotion that was made famous by the Hart family. This will be a first for my kids though.

wrestlingWould you believe me if I said bing put into a Sharpshooter is a dream come true!?

There are still tickets available for tonight's show, which can be found HERE.