Take a Bow Theatre Society is putting on a family-friendly crowd interactive Christmas performance.

It's called The Dancing Princesses and will feature fairies, trolls, villains, duchesses and princesses with a cast ranging in age from five to adult. 

Mollie Casselton who plays one of the older princesses says each show will be a bit different and they get the audience involved with each performance. 

She says "We actually have two teams of princesses this year, so every show you see will be different because it'll be a different team of princesses. It's been really good to have two teams of princesses because it's loud and a lot of the younger kids and the kids who are doing the show for the first time to get a larger role and to kind of take on that responsibility and bond with the older girls."

Casselton says "I think the cool thing about this year's performance is that there's really something for everyone. There's the princesses for the little kids and there's the music for the people who just want to be involved as a good family outing because there is something for everyone. There's the romance with the love interest but there's also the mystery behind why all the princesses are always dancing. 
There's some funny numbers, rock numbers and some ballet. 

The play will be held at the Cochrane Ranchehouse Theatre starting tonight (Friday).

There are eight shows in total.