Due to current dry uncured grasses and the anticipated weather conditions, a fire advisory has been issued for the Town of Cochrane and warns more severe measures may follow.

Current, there is a moderate fire danger, but Cochrane Fire Services says a more restrictive ban may be necessary. A short-term concern, like a major wind event, may increase the fire hazard level.

During a fire advisory, open fires are allowed, but residents are reminded to be extra vigilant. Soaking the area adjacent to a fire pit with water is recommended.

Permitted usage:
• Internal household fireplaces
• Solid fuel barbecues (charcoal briquettes)
• Liquid fuel barbecues/camp stoves (propane and natural gas)
• Wood pellet grills
• Fires contained within approved facilities and appliances in designated camping and recreational areas.
• Backyard fire pits (wood/propane/natural gas)
• Chimeneas or built-in fireplaces on residential homes

For details on specific fire restrictions during an advisory please visit: https://www.cochrane.ca/town-services/public-safety/fire-services/fire-danger-rating or www.albertafirebans.ca.