Spread some local holiday cheer with the new limited edition Tim Hortons Holiday Smile Cookie

With just over a month to go before Christmas, the cookies are white chocolate sugar with red and green sprinkles.

One hundred per cent of the proceeds will go to support Tim's Camps and BGC Cochrane & Area. 

Maureen Topp, manager of licensed programs with BGC Cochrane & Area says they are thrilled to be chosen as the recipient.

"Part of the proceeds from the Smile Cookies go towards Tim Hortons camps, sending kids to camps and then they also help lots of local charities and we're one of those beneficiaries this year, and we're really excited."       

"When we look at donations from somewhere as big as Tim Hortons, a lot of our programs are primarily funded through donors whether those are grants or private donors. An influx of funding like this will go to offset the cost of some of our programming."      

Topp says the proceeds go a long way in helping local kids. 

"Donations to our organization end up supporting program enhancements like new materials, equipment, field trips and experiences for our kids that really don't fall under our normal costs for families. Things like taking the kids scuba diving this summer was a really cool experience and that's funded through those extra income that comes from donations like that."  


The cookies are available at local Tim Hortons locations until Nov. 19. 

For more information and to pre-order cookies, go HERE. 

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