UPDATE: The Holy Spirit School has received the all-clear to return to classes tomorrow. The two gas leaks found in their modulars have been repaired.

Whether or not students will be able to return to classes tomorrow at Holy Spirit School, 200 Fireside Dr., will be known sometime early this evening.

An ATCO Gas crew and Cochrane Fire Services responded to a gas leak on May 17 that was detected by school staff upon arrival at work this morning. 

School principal Kim Welte says a crew is currently on the scene making repairs.

Cochrane Fire Services received a call this morning around 8:40 a.m.

"ATCO Gas was already on scene when we arrived and had isolated the gas leak in a device inside the school," says Shawn Polley, fire chief of Cochrane Fire Services.

Fire services were there to provide high-level support. Polley says in situations like this they typically do a sweep to make sure no one remained in the school and check to see if anything was missed, or if there was cause for further concern.

Principal Welte praises emergency crews for addressing the issue in short order.

She thanked parents for quickly responding to the request to pick up their children. All had left in less than two hours. None had entered the school and remained outside when their buses arrived.

While Holy Spirit was evacuated, it was determined by the incident commander that no measures were required for the students and staff at the Fireside School just down the block.